About us

psi-napse, established in 1994, is an independent consultancy specialising in advice on discovery and worldwide strategic development of CNS drugs, particularly for psychiatric and neurological disorders. The client base represents three major areas of activity:

Pharma (small, medium and large)
Due diligence for Venture Capital Investors
Educational Initiatives
Although based in the UK, psi-napse has clients world-wide including continental Europe, North America and Japan as well as the UK.

The owner and director Dr Jill Rasmussen has a unique blend of expertise:
More than 15 years experience in senior positions in the Pharmaceutical Industry
experience with the UK regulatory agency
Since 1994 combining her work in psi-napse with roles in the National Health Service (NHS) as a primary care specialist in mental health, dementia and learning disability. This has included work as a commissioner. 
Member of NICE Guidance committees and experience with Health Technology Appraisals

psi-napse offers:

Expertise from concept to commercialisation
Continuing experience in “real world” clinical practice
Exclusively personal service
Maintain cutting edge expertise in CNS and drug development
Loyalty to customers

The combination of expertise in strategic drug development and hands-on experience in the UK NHS brings a real-life perspective to the psi-napse consultancy.

psi-napse is a clinically and commercially aware, business-oriented consultancy with broad experience of world-wide drug development and medico-marketing in CNS indications. psi-napse has a proven ability to develop and exploit strategies that deliver drugs effectively to the market place.